Monday, February 25, 2002

What? Dvorak didn't invent the keyboard!?!

My friend just informed me of the bad news today. For over 60 years, our keyboard cult worshipers have supported the guy who we believed was a godhead and keyboard savior --- then we unearthed this bit:

Concluding that there is some sort of conspiracy afoot among the obviously grass-roots 60-year support for the Dvorak is paranoia, not academic theory. ~

Are the Rageboy groupies really cult worshipers? We're not just postmodern cult leftovers, are we? Aren't we really more like monks? Do only the heretics consider us to be like members of a monastic order, devoted to the practice of a recusant hagiology? Others may mistakenly see hints of a quest for a divine theologue or theogonic pursuits and hear what seem to be confessions of fabulous deities and mythological powers. However, some of us just like to screw around a bit and poke fun at a few odium theologicums every now and then. Is this wrong?

I'm normally too timid to post to this group, but the recentMarek J and Sandhill really struck a nerve --- with their unfounded claims about a particular Polish history and talks of a weasel coated Norwegian judge.

In our defense, an essay by Chris Redmond, reprinted from The Sherlock Holmes Review in 1989 clearly states that "the puzzle … is in its last sentence" and … "my address will be in Norway - I'll send particulars later. He does not say why he is going to Norway"… but I think that WE ALL UNDERSTAND WHY HE WAS GOING THERE! This reference in and of itself is conclusive and refutes any of the non nostrum tantas componere lites (what does that mean?) of Marek and Frank.

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