Sunday, February 24, 2002

Norwegian Figure Bloggers conspiracy to silence Polish Ventriloquist Judges

Our first post generated a lot of responses. One of them came from a woman who shall remain AnnOnymous. Let's call her CilAnnTro or AnnDroid to protect her identity for she fears the Norwegians wrath. She asks a thought provoking question which we'll expand upon in this installment of our investigative report into the origins of Figure Blogging.

"Did you ever wonder why there are no Polish judges in Figure Blogging?"

That very notion has been addressed by Fishrush himself, to the blogging world known as the Chairman of Figure Blogging Olympics. It's no wonder that Polish judges have been denied participation in any international level of blogging competitions since, of course, they maintain that Figure Blogging origins are falsly attributed to Norway. Could it be perhaps, that there is some Norwegian generated consipiracy going on? Could it be that the Norwegians, headed by Fishakyamuni, are in collusion with the Chinese and the Russian judges but distance themselves from the French judges, since the free world knows that the French can not be trusted. Could it be then that it was the crafty Norwegians that set the French judges up to take the fall as as to remove the focus from themselves? Perhaps it is the classic 'Fire and Motion' strategy as recently being displayed by Microsoft in the business world with their latest .Net initiative. Who is learning from whom here, huh?

I mean, did you notice the Norwegian spy disguised as a 'man as a woman in figure blogger's dress' representing Russia at the current Winter Figure Blogging Olympics in Salt Lake City? Were the Russians even aware? I mean, no self-respecting Russian female would tolerate that 5 o'clock shadow.It was clearly one of the men from the Fishakyamuni's village that infiltrated the Women Russian Figure Bloggers ranks, as any Polish judge would tell you, but of course they were not permitted to be judging anything outside of Poland, much less the Olympic events. We will investigate further. Stay tuned.

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