Monday, February 25, 2002

Sandhill Trek Expresses Solidarity with Polish Ventriloquist Bloggers

In a fraternal expression of solidarity, Johnny Ace - the chief Trekster and power behind the blog - was seen tonight with tears of gratitude in his eyes as he sobbed his heartfelt thanks that perhaps somewhere there is justice in the sport of Olympic BlogSledding. "You'd think the dumb fuckers could use a stopwatch or something. What is this holding up little cards with subjective numbered scores from 1 to 6? And where did the Norwegian judge get that new weasel coat? And if they are going to hold up little cards, why don't they hold up little cards with fishes, say from one to five fishes, with five fishes being the best? And couldn't somebody automate that for them?" There was a lot more mumbling before Johnny passed out, one too many 8 ounce tumblers of fine Polish vodka having been consumed.

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