Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's not exactly like riding a bicycle. You do forget. You forget how to find the path to the center of the labyrinth. You forget how to post. At least I did. But it is a little like riding a bike, or skating. Who said that success was measured by the algorithm fall down seven times but get up eight times? Does that make any sense at all?

Pray for absent friends. And if anyone runs into Brian Moffatt, tell him to give us a shout.


On Schedule

As in the original directions, here I am again, 6 years later.  The ephemeral vibrations of mystic harmonic convergences (gotcha! you though it would be something else, one specific word, following mystic, right?) resulted in a reflexive, somewhat Calvinist urge or need to come here and post.

One must never veer from those directions.

Gonzo goes to Washington, no dogs on the roof of that vehicle.  Korean pop music playing a bit too loudly, food diaries and recipes appearing at random, yet often enough to seem on a regular schedule.  A cat joins the engagement.

And so goes it.
I was hoping that when I clicked over here today, after about, oh, five years of dicking around elsewhere, I would see that Marek, J. Maybe Elvis, had been over here writing the world right.

But he's not here.

It's okay. He'll come back. We'll all be back.
If you think that this blog will ever die, get unmade, forgotten, or abandoned, then you don't know us. Blogger, you're hosting us for life. You win.