Friday, May 10, 2002

Worth noting here

Just a note on Jack Schoflield's superb piece about Locke in the Guardian, and a few of what are probably many more notices of it: Jeneane, Marek, Doc, David W., and me. The link to Google history supplied by Jeneane is a great example of Google's powers of documentation.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

i'm a goober

Gee, Sorry Kevin and Bix. I'm burning the midnight oil as mom/worker/blogger. no wonder. i also joined both of those gang blogs at about the same time and have thus far failed you both as far as participation goes. You're in good company at least--I haven't finished Small Pieces either. Ugh.

So, still, thanks Kevin for fixing the links and any other house cleaning you want to do.

Now, I must sleep, as soon as I finish this latest white paper and press release............ miles to go.............

Umm. thanks

Actually, the SPLJ gang blog was started by B!x - I'm just mouthing off about Nietzsche, philosophy, Ludwig of Bavaria perfume, asynchrony, game theory and thermodynamics.

The Gang blog I tried to start was Nonzero but I couldn't get enough of you to read it...

Admin note too

Let's all give Kevin a big Gonzo yeehaw! Can you tell this joint's gotten a little depressing and empty over the last few months? Yah, I know. As RB's soul goes, so goes RGE. While the faithful few continue with great conversation, the blog ain't what it used to be. It's got me missing Shirkey, and that's never good.

We gotta refresh the links, list some new blood, do some creative stuff. I've asked Kevin Marks, aforemention fixer of links, to co-administer this blog with me, so, that means you should kiss up to him now. Although Kevin is busy with his own gang blog on the Small Pieces book, he's offered to pitch in around here when he has time. Thanks again, Kevin. Any ideas from the group about how to lively up ourselves would be good.

And on that note, and if you feel like reelin', check out the latest EGR, RageBoy unplugged (someone musta already used that once upon a time, but, it felt like that to me). There's too much I could say, so I'll shut up. I'm going to the back of the class now to doodle.

Monday, May 06, 2002

Admin note

Blogger stopped generating archives for this blog a while back, so I smacked it about the head and they are back now. This is why the permalinks were failing - there was no archive page there.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled silence.