Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Voices from bmoeasy

"The Internet - and I am especially thinking here of blogs
, a term I hadn't yet run across in the year 2000 - is a network of particulars: of very singular voices. When I read a 'good' blog I hear a sincere voice. I am engaged by the passion or knowledge or rage of that voice. I am persuaded and seduced. I see the words, the text, the style, and I hear a voice.
When I listen to 'good' radio, I hear a voice. I listen to that voice if it is sincere, if the voice is being truthful - even if , no - especially if - the truth is subjective, if the voice has integrity, passion, knowledge - no matter what the subject. I am uplifted. I am persuaded and seduced. I see a face. I feel I have met someone.
I imagine Better Radio to be a place where the object offered up - the voice - is made subject in my mind. I appropriate that voice, much as I would appropriate the voice of a favorite authour, or musician, or blogger. It informs me at worst - which is nevertheless good., It transforms me at best. I see and hear and feel better.
I seek a better world.

Like a car crash

"Dressed up like a car crash
Your wheels are turning but you're upside down
You say when he hits you, you don't mind
Because when he hurts you, you feel alive
Hey babe, is that what it is"

U2 Stay (Faraway, So Close!) lyrics:

Stay. Stay.
As an Angel hits the ground.

What a lonely night to be
in the presence of love not lost
and not yet found.

In the jungle of humanity
there is time to find each other
It's not too late

If I could Stay
and I don't have to stop the Time

Dressed up like a car crash
As an Angel hits the ground
Just a Bang


Who is Rupert? and what is 'watched Survivor'? is it an Alarm clock? And is it possible that Rupert is in fact the Bada Bing conspiracy agitator who stole the Blue Diamond that Stealthy Steve is now going to recover for Mlle. Beaufort.

The plot thickens.

Blue Diamond stolen by Bada Bing Conspirators

OnePotMeal: In which Stealthy Steve receives a visitor. Finally a book for us read by Steve. Fire up your MP3s to listen.

Donate to Rupert - the True Survivor

Rosie and Andrew were shocked by the betrayal on Survivor last week when Rupert was thrown off that they asked me to set up a website for him. Here it is:
Donate to Rupert - the True Survivor
Andrew drew the picture.
He made a t-shirt too.

Feeling Stuck?