Friday, November 14, 2003

Narcissism. The best thing since the sliced bread.

"this is narcissism. and it's becoming quite popular, thanks to the ubiquity of New Age rationalizations that pretty much add up to: you can be what you want to be. on cloud 9. when the Temptations sang that, it was about heroin. and it's still about addiction, but to something far darker that hides in plain daylight. psychic vampirism. you won't believe it's real until it gets right up in your face one fine blue day. hope really hard that it never does"

Narcissism. The best thing since the sliced bread. Order one or two for your family. Just in time for Xmas my dear.

Street Fighting Man

Stand on the Shoulder of Giants? Slaugher The Giants! The Carnival!

Hey! said my name is called disturbance
I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants
Well, what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock ’n’ roll band
’cause in sleepy london town
There’s no place for a street fighting man

On the shoulders

We don't stand on the shoulders of giants. We slaugher them. We burn them. We dance on their skulls. We suck the bone marrow and feed off them and grow ourselves to be giants - some day to be slaughered by future generations. The Carnival of Humanity. Bring your fire. Burn down the Pleasantville. Use your Voice before you turn into ashes and dust. Pooooofff!

The magic of a word - blog

Fishrush :: A Postbloggerist's Pronunciamento: "The magic of a word - blog - which for journalists and non-journalists alike has opened the door to an unforeseen world, has for us not the slightest importance. "

Less Bullshit! More Peekaboo!

Fishrush :: Welcome!

Fishrush :: Welcome!: "Since I first entered the public blog roll lists, a very young man indeed, it has been my constant fortune to number amongst my nearest and dearest friends members of the blogging world who have been its grace and pride. They have so dropped from my side one by one that I already, begin to feel like the Spanish monk of whom a few Wikis tell, who had grown to believe that the only realities around him were the pictures which previously loved; that all the moving life witnessed, or ever had seen, was a shadow and a dream."

Fishrush :: System Error Found

Fishrush :: System Error Found: "HTTP 419 - File not properly blogged because blogger didn't remember to blog correctly "

Monday, November 10, 2003

Fishrush :: Vision

Fishrush :: Vision: "We are truly not even average, yet from time-to-time we stumble upon truth as a drunk stumbles into a garbage can, but run from it because it frightens us as the dog frightens the cat. "

Cool. I am so happy!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Asshole Exchange Classified Ads

URGENT: Will exchange an asshole husband for a romantic man who will tell me that I make him happy. Looks not important. Me- starved for attention. Willing to make you happy. Just don't turn into another asshole. Ask for Dorothy when you call.

Bada Bing.