Monday, February 25, 2002

Dvorak: Fishakyamuni's Norwegian Connection

In the latest development in Figure Blogging controversy we have chanced upon an article written by one they call Dvorak, John C. The article is an 'asp' page wich immediately raises a red flag. Dvorak begins with strange words 'review of the book that won't die'. Chris Locke, the first to ever complete a famous Triple Salchow Blog Jump, has crafted a well-reasoned response: 'Blow me, you dumb mothefucker'

What we don't understand is why would Dvorak, a well respected computing guy who doesn't know shit about Figure Blogging, want to review the book they call 'Cluetrain Manifesto?', I ask you dear reader. If he hopes the book to die then why would he want to pen a shitty article about it? Would it not start a conversation about the book right back? (Chief Archeologist note: Since Dvorak doesn't 'get it' about conversatons we need to rewrite this sentence for him: Would it not start people talking about the book again?)

It is at this point that our Chief Archeologist interrupts with these important words: 'Maybe Dvorak is a Fishakyamuni's spy?' - I mean, since Fishrush has advanced the Figure Blogging arena and brought the sport to the eyes of millions, at this crucial moment Dvorak seems to have been used by Fishkyamuni to say some really stupid words to avert our focus from the real thing; namely that Figure Blogging originated in Poland in Kleczwowo village. Maybe Dvorak was drugged? Kindapped? Forced to write this crap by Fishakyamuni? We don't want to quote much here for we fear that reading Dvorak's crap will cause further damage to our brains. However may we say that Dvorak knows how to use theatrical props well. In his piece he reaches for the favorite: Werner Erhard of EST. This, my dear readers, is a sure clue that Dvorak is in fact Fishakyamuni's spy. No one in their right mind would ever envoke the Erhard Vector to score points witht the Business As Usual people. We will investigate furhter. Stay tuned.

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