Monday, February 25, 2002


So, to take a topical example, Dvorak is trolling for pageviews today by quoting the first 10 Cluetrain theses and making banal but inflammatory comments on them. If I quote his article in its entirety here, interspersed with my commentary, is that fair or not?

If I elide his more boring comments, does that make it fairer?

If I elide his comments to the emphasise his fatuity?

John Dvorak writes:
But, of course, "I don't get it." I imagine all these folks holding hands in a large circle, rolling back and forth, with some in the middle of the circle, spinning and chanting and hugging, all naked. How about this for a thesis: "People walk on two feet."
I'm waiting for a blog written in Klingon. That would be something. People are changed fundamentally? Third eyes? Extra toes?

Don't feed this troll.

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