Sunday, February 24, 2002

Figure Blogging Origins Questioned

Fishrush is pointing to Figure Blogging's origins to Norway however it may not be entierly true that Figure Blogging was started by a band of nomads in Norway in 1996. Our Chief Derailment Archeologist has a different and quite possible explanation on how Figure Blogging came to be. To our surprise he points to a small village in Poland in the Kurpie region named Kleczkowo which in Polish means 'approach the blog' or so could be loosely translated into English but we know that that in fact Kleczkowo is Polish term for Figure Blogging.

We do not deny a Norway connection; a Kleczkowo villager named Winczeslaw emigrated to Norway in search of a better method of potato picking and chanced upon summer solstice celebrations taking place in Fishakyamuni's village. Winczeslaw, enamored with the display of artful rituals of Norwegian villagers, tried to demonstrate his own village rituals to Fishakyamuni but he was unable to fully explain the meaning behind them since he lacked a crucial skill of Norwegian language. The only way to communicate for him was to move about his legs and hands, here and there jumping up and down to somehow distinguish the finer points of Kleczkowo rituals. He was completely misunderstood further by Fishakyamuni who got drunk and stoned that night and woke up the next morning fully convinced that the gods of his fathers visited him in his sleep and instructed him to start a worldwide movement of Figure Blogging.

We are dispatching our finest team of archeologists to the village of Kleczkowo to further investigate the origin of Figure Blogging and set the record straight. In the meantime Polish Ventriloquist Bloggers Federation has filed a lawsuit with the International Bloggers Union to recognize Figure Blogging as having its origins in Kleczkowo village. We will update you on the above mentioned topics soon. Stay tuned.

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