Sunday, January 27, 2002

True, But Clay still has a point: I don't want to listen to engaging voices discussing bleach any more than I want to be spammed about it across 7 different media.

What I think Clay is missing is the central differences between the net and the broadcast media:

1. A fundamental difference in the *nature* of the medium (many to many/bidirectional as opposed to unidirectional/one to many)

2. A massive difference in demographics.

The net is not TV (as if that needs stating) so it is not really a source of wonder that insulting TV ads don't particularly work on it.

Does anyone imagine we fervid freakshow fetishists are making a TV program?

What do they imagine? Survivor?

There is no TV analog to Blog. notwithstanding, there is no broadcast radio analog to Blog. The astounding science fiction successes of online news magazines and papers notwithstanding (HA!), there is no print media analog to Blog.

There is no top-down, insult shouting, work or get fired, 2% efficient, elitist bullshit, 127 GigaWatts, analog to Blog.

There is no analog to Blog.

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