Tuesday, January 29, 2002

After reading the book, it wasn't so much, "What is he doing to people?", it was more, "finally someone is making sense!". I have never agreed with the traditional ideas that we all flocked to the internet to buy stuff from Amazon.com and WebVan, we came to have discussions like this and to be heard. For us people who have been online for a long time, I think it was sites like GeoCities that got a lot of us going (my site went online before they had 100,000 users and Yahoo! wrecked it) with the potential of the net, again it gave us a voice.

I took a class recently at a local college and was dismayed when the prof showed no interest in anything any of us said. He had his handouts ready and didn't care anything about what the class thought. Once you get your voice, having it ignored is something that you remember. Gonzo and CT made that clearer to me than anything else I had read.

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