Thursday, November 08, 2001

Quantitative snapshots, e.g., 1-to-1, 1-all, all-1, seem to miss something vital to the relationship voice-to-sensibility. One can be doing 1-to-1 and have all the broadcast arrogance in the world. One can do 1-to-many and not have it. At least, it seems. In response to Chris Locke's thoughts on blog (en blague?), I wrote a bit on my blog. One possibly relevant snip:

''Unlike Jeneane, I don't see blogging as a perfected form. (To be fair, neither does she - having invited others to a colloquy on her blog.) I see it as a highly imperfect mode for a very large array of individuals to begin to get a sense of their otherness. It's a first step - an exploratory one - toward something else. Something that will exhibit neither the deafness of Big Mediated Money nor the bafflement of innumerable unquiet maunderings. I look forward to watching it take form.'' (The full comment is here.)

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