Thursday, November 08, 2001

Leeeve My Blogs Alone Pleeeze.

They're addictive and distracting enough already without making them more engaging.

Over on Technology Review they have this item on improving the web, which is worth a read in it's own right. One of the ideas is a means of storing your level of trust in the opinions of various people so that your browser can automagically determine which opinions you'd rate highly and therefore rate items specifically for you.

One of the problems with such an idea is who is going to store this info. It would seem in keeping for the open source community to provide the mechanism stored locally so we don't all have to become marketing fodder for the beast of Redmond.

Ignoring all that, such a mechanism would be a neat adjunct to the blogging world. I'd certainly like to be informed of other public utterings of good people like yourselves, without necessarily having to depend on your narcissistic self aggrandisement to do the job - since I'd be unlikely to want anything to do with narcissistic and self aggrandising people in the first place.

(Don't ask me why I like RageBoy's stuff - I never said I was consistent!)

And for anyone foolhardy enough to be interested in my feckle opinions and strange rantings, depending on my skills with blogbuddy and html just ain't gonna do it.

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