Thursday, November 08, 2001

Do you guys remember the last of the Temple of Doom series of Harrison Ford adventure movies... there is this scene near the end where Indy has to step off a cliff in a leap of faith, and as he steels his nerves to the task and closes his eyes in fear his foot comes down on firmament, not the abyss his fear was anticipating. Upon realizing that he was not falling his eyes popped wide open and one can only imagine the plethora of emotions and realizations he was experiencing at that moment.

All this wordiness is by way of explaining how I felt when I discovered blogging. Not every site withstands the "leap of faith test", but this one certainly does. I have stepped off the cliff many times since I discovered the world of Blog, and sometimes jumped right back onto it again because I found myself within someone else's box, and like the Intro to Gonzo points out, sometimes you don't even know where the exit is. But this site is replete with reflections of spirit and intellect too numerous to be acknowledged in a single pass, so I will simply begin by introducing myself and saying thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum. I have thoughts on the inherent nature of blogging, on the 1 to however many theme and on several other ideas touched on in the few posts I have read so far. I read most of the Intro and am amazed at how it's author is able to make me feel that I know what he's talking about. At first, when I realized that this site was specific to a book on marketing I thought, "Jeez, who gives shit about marketing... I go out of my way to avoid being 'marketed to'". But by the time I got to the second paragraph or so I realized that this was really interesting, and it's author has turned the concept inside out and made it not be onerous. So here's to having fun and not being onerous!!!

Bye for now...

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