Thursday, November 08, 2001

OK as this Blog's Mr Contrary I would like to throw this into the fray...

I don't believe the Web is one-to-one.

Ad agencies and marketing gurus and even the esteemed Mr Locke state that the Web is "one-to-one".

My contention is that there is SO MUCH one-to-many communication out there it merely appears to approach one-to-one communication. Therefore, the term is a misnomer and slows down development because content providers delude themselves.

I will concede that there are many places where interests coincide; where like minds meet. However, one-to-one communication is face to face and no more. There needs to be true interactivity - listening, even - from a Web site before I will admit to one-to-one communication being present.

Unless you know different...

Andy A

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