Thursday, November 08, 2001

Okay, I can agree with my good colleagues that blogging ain't all that..... yet.

Like Tom (though not so eloquently--man, this guy's amazing), I've been blogging outside of Gonzo Engaged, off in left field somewhere inside my own little blog double-wide. A couple of days ago, I was thinking about tools and apps that could move blogging up a notch. I'm not sure what's already out there (me, the resident blog expert of a whole month), but maybe something like this:


"Maybe blogs that let you host interactive chats in a separate window--so you can talk real-time about the post of the day. Sure, you can do this now--I'm no wizard, but I use instant messaging--no reason you couldn't get the team together to chat about today's post. But who's willing to go that extra step? What, I'm gonna say, "Hey, RageBoy, can I have your Yahoo screen name so I can bother you all day long?"

"No, go away," he's likely to reply in his quick-witted RB style.

But if our little team could chat amongst our blog, that would be fun.


And there's more--if you care to explore my maunderings* in detail.

I'll get into the one-to-one thing with you later... i think. Tom, keep talkin--we are so glad you're here!

later, j.
*big-word courtesy of RageBoy.

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