Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Phew, Helen. "You're doin' my 'ead in" as they used to say in Wales (and probably still do).

I am still trying to get into your line of argument - Jeneane is two days ahead of me. There is an element of language wearing us, but not all the time. See Humpty Dumpty's quote in Alice in Wonderland about words meaning "exactly what I want them to mean neither more nor less" (I paraphrase).

But on the other hand EM Forster said "How do I know what I think, until I write?". Or words to that effect.

And Fletcher I was everything you said (except for the part about baked beans).

The market hasn't changed, its composition is the same. The way of getting at that market has changed; there are more options now and that does mean new ways of addressing people, becuase you come at them from a different angle. The bag of tools hasn't changed, but some people are still tring to put a screw in with a spanner. Choice of tools is the thing.

Voice is that screwdriver - in this context at least. My personal feeling is that Gonzo is not univerally applicable in its entirety. It is however a "mood" to have in mind when writing. it doesn't have to be Gonzo though.

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