Friday, November 16, 2001

One of the main Gonzo idea is the junction of journalism and marketing. Chris stand point is very intersting. Once he expose the evil. Even the mass communication and the mass propaganda wouldn´t like the web growing. They will pretend that “all is the same”. As Larry Lessig uses to say: They are the dark side.

But I think the gonzo journalism (or the journalism made by the free press standpoint) and the marketing (the one that Regis McKenna defines as the marketing using the market point of view) are the diferencial on the net. The propaganda & marketing is a zumbi. The pair - journalism & marketing - fits better in the Internet commom sense. And it works! People wants relevant information instead of the bullshit usually sold.

The Gonzo Model is the revolution. But I think that the companies are so imature to underwrite the markets (at least in Brazil where we have not a strong online community) However they need to talk. I have been proposed them the link among companies to the markets, or better, the companies must to underwrite the markets by calling the people wirh personnal works and spreading their voices. The markets are boiling in conversation. The corporations must realise that internet is media... multi media and interactive place. And the conversation is the new media. Let´s talk! It´s cheap.

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