Friday, November 16, 2001

Denver Fletcher writes:
One of the things that struck me about some of Chris' examples are that he is advocating different policies, but has not yet got to the point of advocating no policies. He's moving towards a more benevolent dictatorship but he's yet to acknowledge the implicit continuity between serfdom and employment as he envisages it. Will he ever get to freedom as the context in which policy meets its inherent limitations?
You're right, Denver, but consider... there is only so much that Big-B Business can absorb at once, much less implement. Just as the ultimate ramifications of Deming's Total Quality Movement were far more radical than business would have bought into if it understood them out-front, so are the consequences of the gonzo model radical. Short form: it's a trojan horse. What will actually happen to organizations as they begin to adopt this new way of relating to workers and markets? I didn't want to spook companies too much in the early going, but neither have I ever recanted on the Cluetrain subtitle: The End of Business As Usual. Think about it...

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