Saturday, November 17, 2001

Chris writes about gonzo marketing: "Short form: it's a trojan horse. What will actually happen to organizations as they begin to adopt this new way of relating to workers and markets? I didn't want to spook companies too much in the early going, but neither have I ever recanted on the Cluetrain subtitle: The End of Business As Usual. Think about it..."

Ah. well then, I was hoping for that. Because that means that the little gnat that keeps buzzing around my head is right. Chris, is that gnat you? That little gnat has been giving me a twitch. And with each twitch an electric current runs through me, where for a fleeting second I think, "Could this be happening?" Still, my tendency is to shake it off... "Naw. can't be. just an itch." But it's more than an itch. It's intuition that something *is* happening to business--and it's almost like it's our little secret. The thing that is happening is a power flux, and with each zap, we the people get a little more power, and business with a capital "B" gets a little less. And I feel it. I feel it when I search myself up on google (okay, I already confessed to my narcissism), and I feel it when someone sees blogbuddy on my desktop and gives me a knowing look. And I feel it when I put on the makeshift suit and wander around the halls of my office... There I see people who haven't been buzzed by the gnat yet, and believe me, they can't last long the way things are. These are little things that aren't so small. Soon, we'll take off our burqa veils, people. And then, sweet freeeeeeeeeeeeedom.

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