Saturday, February 02, 2002

Wow Kevin! Much to look at and cogitate upon. Give me a couple of days.

It is true that the problem (or challenge) of networks is not new, and nor has it changed substantially in its essence.

It only appears that way to some people who haven't been paying attention, and have been distracted from the real problem by the decrease of their captive revenue flows. These (the captive revenue flows) were, in themselves, only an artefact of monopoly not of technology that happened to be shackled to the service of that monopoly.

As the Internet has shown, a technologically superior and egalitarian model is not only possible but highly to be desired by those who do not make their living from the perpetuation of monopoly.

I have written, in the course of my professional employment over the last decade, mountains of papers on this issue, but so far I have seemed to myself to be "the voice of one, crying in the wilderness."

What a breath of sweet fresh cool air Mr Isenberg's work was. Without the net it is highly unlikely I would ever have heard of it or him, or others like you who are as I am, determined to wrestle with this problem until it submits to rational enquiry.

Viva la Revolution! Viva la Internet! Viva la Blog!

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