Thursday, February 28, 2002

Offline Gonzo

As I don't seem to be able to get you worked up about Valenti and Hollings' plan to outlaw any unsanctioned transfer of bits, let me instead point at a couple of articles from the British press that look like Gonzo marketing offline. Craig Brown explains the odd cult of the Aga:
To the question, "What do other people say about your Aga?", Ms Gowing replies: "Whenever I entertain, I have quite a job getting my friends out of the kitchen as the Aga is like a magnet and a real talking point." She reveals: "I have converted quite a few friends to the Aga way of life."

Roger Scruton, the Phliosopher and founder of the Jan Hus foundation, organised some seminars for a tobacco company, in what sounds like a robust Gonzo way, and has been attacked for it in postively Dvorakian terms. Love his business card:
Britain’s leading post-modern rural consultancy, specialists in landscape-maintenance, literary criticism, equitation, hedge-laying, musicology, typesetting, publishing, dry-stone walls, writing, journalism, countryside restoration, museums, composition, pond-management, public affairs, log-cutting, logic-chopping, rare breeds of chicken, sheep, dreams; also hay and straw.
Roger has been Gonzo for ages, and is an old friend of my father. How could he have done this better?

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