Tuesday, February 26, 2002

No Piscean Plot

Sorry, Marek. While your Dvorak analysis is both amusing and mostly accurate, I need to set you straight on one point. Maybe you're under thirty-five and therefore don't remember, but there was a time when the Business-as-Usual crowd was swooning over the Erhard Vector, and Dvorak is old enough to have known it well. In fact, some high-tech circles of the day were particularly susceptible, believe it or not.

And the ad scene! My God, the guys in charge of the American Express account AND the US Army account, to name two examples I knew about, were spinning the shit out of said Vector. "Be all that you can be." had EST dripping all over it.

So John C.D. need not have been coerced by any sneaky Pisceans to have played the Werner card. He knew what he was up to. You are too kind to suggest otherwise.

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