Sunday, November 04, 2001

We're slowing down. Maybe we're refueling, re-engaging. Or maybe we're just tired. At any rate, I'm starting a new feature, which may last who knows how long, called the Gonzo Marketing quote of the day, or every couple days or so depending, and so here's today's:

In marketing, just as in government, professionalism tends to hew unimaginatively to its own timid orthodoxy. It does not provide leadership, enthusiasm or the kind of impassioned personal engagement that has come to be called gonzo. In stark contrast, business professionalism tends to be arid and passionless, narrowly focused, self-involved. However, this doesn't mean that everyone in business fits this damning characterization. Far from it. In my own experience, there are many more lively intellects at work in the workplace than the misbegotten 'corporate communications' coming out of those places would lead one to believe. There's often more going on in today's corporation than today's corporation would care to admit. New life is growing between the cracks in the corporate edifice, and it's spreading like a weed.

What's the frequency, Kenneth? Discuss.... or not. -j.

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