Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Blogs are like arseholes - everyone's got one. That do you, Chris?

By the way the link for Lucy Kellaway (spelled correctly this time) is here. Read every Monday for a large dose of common sense - in an annoying English, down the nose sort of way.

Let's not overstate passion, by the way. By restricting passion to "intelligent" people is a little bit too Ubermensch for me. Passion is exactly what it claims itself to be, neither more nor less. I object to people insisting that I am passionate about my work or the product I sell. What defines passion for me is that I decide what I am passionate about. It is my democratic right to be passionate about clarity in communication or Bolex Standard 8mm cameras. Or a perfectly executed triple jump (there's a little tuning fork that goes "bong" when you see and hear it; feel the rhythmn). Neither of the last two require any degree of intelligence.

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