Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Ah, but Denver are you orthodixically unorthodox or unorthodixically unorthodox? (There are too many doxies in that last sentence - and the advertising/marketing profession generally.)

Stories are told within contexts, with a certain voice, all with a particular audience in mind. Human voice is all very well and good, but whose voice is a good question to bring up. It is easy to be unorthodox in a relatively unorthodox situation (such as ad agencies, internet start-ups etc), but try it in a merchant bank at your peril.

Not everyone wants to be addressed in an "over familiar" manner. Because I'm English, this question is normally met with jeers of derision of being a "tight-arsed Englishman". But I still think its relevant. There has been too little discussion of variety in voice.

Voice only becomes voice when it is contextually relevant and speaks to the person, rather than at them. Other than that it is wank.

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