Thursday, October 09, 2003

Signal Signal

Digital Common Sense: "Like I said, What we seek is a signal. A connection. The network isn't about technology. It isn't about business. It isn't about profit. It's about connections. End points are people and people connect. Sometimes we connect with machines to gather information. Often times we connect with other people because we share some link, or bond, or passing interest.
Minutes have no value. Bandwidth has no value. Accessibility to connections brings value to uses and enhances the network. Just as blogging isn't about PR, or fame or technology, the net isn't about minutes or bandwidth or content. It's all about access to connections."

Signal Signal to my Homies. To all the people in the Jesus Bunkers of the World I send you Signal Signal. Do you copy? Do you copy? Send Signal Back. Pulse the Vain. Wire up your hearbeat to the network. Signal it to me Baby!

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