Friday, October 10, 2003

Absofuckinglutely Preordained Incorporated

It dawned on me this morning, which was kinda appropriate since it was morning at the time, that the reason we're so obsessed with popping caps in one's asses, as they say in certain parts of town, and behaving in an altogether 'destructive', shall we say, manner can all be tied back to the destructive/creative fucked-up combo origins of our solar system. Modelling one's self on G*d, as we are prone to do from time to time, we are in fact re-enacting meteoric asteriodal impactful mofo destruction, e.g. the nucular bomb - as mr george Wabash likes to say - is our ultimate attempt at fucking up this planet like the very asteroidal impact that created it, in a bid to re-create for that is what we seek, we just didn't know it but really we did.

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