Wednesday, October 08, 2003

institution digested my brain too.

I'm supposed to be working. Dr. Marek J., I need you to fix me. With your systems thinking. Please. My brain is not listening to me this evening, the eve of the "big deadline."

Let me tell you the tale of the client who has recently eaten my brain. I suppose they can find me here. I supposed you could say I don't care if they do.

So one of them says to me, she says, "I noticed that sometimes you use the same word in two sentences in a row. We kind of have a policy where we don't do that here."

I said, "Oh. Huh?"

She said, "You know, important words. Not minor words--you can use those kind two times in two different sentences. I'm talking about the important words--the major words."

I thought, "Oh. Huh?"

I said, "Oh. can you give me an example?"

She said, I think, it expanded or something. That our expanded offering would do x y z. And then you called it expanded again soon after that.

(okay, that's a suckass sentence anyhow, I thought. Shame on me but who cares.)

I said, does it have a name yet? or what are you calling it? Do you know?

She said, No.

I said, oh, then what makes it different--I mean, what's new about it.

She said, well it is expanded.

I said, Oh. Okay.

And so there are like twenty examples that are eating away at my brain, when all i want to do is write and mean and say and spew and play my keyboard like a steinway.

this week is not going so well.

I'm glad I came home.

Do you have any soup?

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