Friday, October 10, 2003

Shelley Powers Inteview

Shelley Powers Interview at Sandhill Trek: "Some say that sex is a way of reaffirming that we are alive. The act of touching and being touched, the intimacy, and the release, are all ways for us to celebrate life and, if we're lucky enough, love with another person. But tonight as I drove down the road and listened to the music and felt the wind and the warmth of the night, I felt alive. Earlier when I walked in the Park and took the photographs, I felt alive.
Tonight, when I wrote this story, I felt alive.

I wish I could say that there was a handsome stranger with intense dark eyes and sensuous fingers -- someone special, someone to hold, someone to experience that touch that's more intimate than any act of sex can ever be -- but it was just me, the night, and the Man on the Moon. Since my relationship with the Moon is strictly platonic, I have no story of sex to offer, and we'll have to settle for my pink nightgown and the
summer night and walk in the park and call it, good-night."

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