Thursday, October 09, 2003

hey kevin

Kevin, I dug what you did at ConBlogger. You're a class act and a smarty smart guy. I was watching, you know. About the font--yes. This template. WTF--is it written with bookmaster tags? this template is the predecessor to sticks and a stone tablet. Man it's a pain in the ass.

I've kept my eyes open for a long time for a template that would give us the open feel of this free-for-all, but be, shall we say, easier on the eye. Nothing ever seems to compare with the ornery-ness of this damn look. I guess we just go with it. somehow the big font makes it feel even more like bad kids writing on the chalk board.

That works for me!

thanks for keeping the place well heated while I was away.

Marek, I just fell off the couch over Tupac Chopra. BLAH HA!

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