Sunday, February 23, 2003

Virtual worlds wearing virtual clothes and I hate the word virtual

(editor's note:Because I have been informed by the One they call Precious that my below post sucked I will state what I thought was the obvious. The below is suppose to be in the tone of sarcasm. Hum that note please. Thank you. The reference to the "New New" thing was a clever addition. Thank you again. Thanks.)
The F word comes to mind. Just cause it is so exciting. It is like the movie Lawnmower Boy or whatever it was called. Strap on goggles and a suit and zoom away. Perfect hair and sex and pancakes and shit as that. From what I get from Business 2.0 there is this company called There inc. Indeed there. Gaming and chat on roids. Not any roids. The kind that give you big, fat, nasty bulges. Here is their description:

"There is the first online getaway that gives you the freedom to play and talk naturally while having fun and making friends. Check out the pictures below for just a glimpse of what you'll find in There. Then sign up to be one of our Beta Testers and see it all for yourself!"

Ok, so they have lame wordage. But it ain't. I mean that is like big deal-who cares. What is the Big big (new new) deal is the shit they are doing with other corporations. Apparently, when you sign up (ok I did) you get a near naked human. You choose the sex (I chose a woman cause I wanted to see her naked), skin color, blah blah. BUT....Then they give you these dollars and stuff. You actually buy clothes for em and stuff. Like Nike and what-not (and stuff). So, Nike is making digital gear. Like no friggin way. But yes way.

So that is wild and all but man the wilder stuff is the thinking about your personal identity and virtual reality.

I mean I have secretly longed for a world where I was supermanish or evil supermanish and could be the idol of all those near and dear. Call it a God/god/gawd complex. Whatever. Point being that branding digitally is mucho more than a damn website. I hate the word branding by the way. Reminds me of Branded. That TV series. Reminds me of cows too. So, I hate words branded and virtual. On we go.

PIcture a situation/case flocking study

So, the nerd boy burger flipper next door gets into his virtual suit everyday after work. Slooom slam. He becomes Johnny Blondie. Ladies man. Hunk. Smart guy. Corporate financier sans surfer. He gets chics and money and cool clothes. Hell, dude figures out how to sell e-book/website subscriptions to his "How to be a freakin chic magnet in 7 hours--guide to gettin on the sex and attention you can handle." He makes a fortune. Nike gets him to wear their new sex athletic gear. Ring ring. Money machine.

So, there is not there. However, I am. I mean in my head.

I am tired of brainstorming. Bada bing goes the machine.

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