Friday, February 28, 2003

Gonzo Lawn Ornaments

It would be peculiar to find out from Jennifer how she got us spammed in the first place. I have sent here a friendly letter. Well, one line really "Jennifer, who can I help?" but no replay arrived yet. and Kevin, I did not find the tasteful ornaments but it was Matrullo who shoved it up my inbox. Of course I also need to understand this Power Law distribution so I can construct some crazy arguments to throw at Shirky. Thanks Kevin for doing that... I think we need to set up comments on this blog, hm, and redesign a bit. Need more blood red and more bullet holes. I will get right to it, right after that case study with Lawn Ornaments... Jennifer?!, Jennifer???!!! Reply back or we'll let the state of washington know you are shamelessly engaged in illegal spam manufacturing.

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