Sunday, February 23, 2003

Breaking news from Radio B.D.B.I.N.G.

HBO, The leading fireplace manufacturing company for the average Global Family and the maker of Bada Bing TV glow fireplace substitute has asked Marek J to cease and desist using the Tradmarked phrase of its award winning boob-tube joyful-hour family warmer. In his statmennt, Tony Soprano, the spokesman for the HBO, mentioned that "it is important to provide warmth and joyfullness to the average Global family gathered in front of our 36 inch fireplace. We are the Producers of one of the best Glows out there and we fill the whole 36 inches with Suspense, Drama and Laugher. We own all 36 inches and we rely on the genuine Glow our fireplace produces to bathe every member of the Global Family". After receiving the cease and desist letter Marek J has turned off his fireplace thus decreasing Glow Production on the Planet.

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