Thursday, February 27, 2003

Lawn ornaments and an offtopic question (if such an animal actually exists on this blog)

Re: Lawn Ornaments company. This would be an interesting case study. Compare the profits of the spammer company to the results produced from going "gonzo". It also might be a interesting book - "Lawn Ornaments: from spam to gonzo", or something like that. Gonzo concepts sometimes appear to be somewhat nebulous and hard (if not impossible?) to implement. It would be interesting to see how the Income Statement (real profits and real dollars) would change in a small company such as this one during and after the "transformation".

Offtopically, How doese one search Google News?

I don't understand how to do this and am certain that there's an easy solution. Let's say you want to search the daily news headlines for ALL the news EXCEPT certain topics (i.e. bush, blair, "jesus was a stoner", fish, "saints calling all the little children into ebenezer's netherland"). On the advanced search site, there is a box FIND RESULTS WITHOUT THE WORDS BOX, but when I enter my excluded words into that box, this is what's returns. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! How does one enter the equivilent of *.* star-dot-star into the "Find results with all of the words" Google Box? | Comments/help/suggestions. (Thanks for any help)

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