Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Team blogs & discussion groups

Authenticity. There's a kind of informal approval / application process we undergo to be able to say something here that doesn't exist on the cluetrain list over at topica for example. Of course we could dupe Jeneane into thinking we were someone else if we wanted to, but any drugged up hoser with fistful of personality disorders can pitch up on a mailing list and spout forth 30 seconds later then disappear without trace. I also guess that means, in the case of this blog anyway, that we are on the positive side of the spectrum when it comes to our views on the subject matter. I doubt anyone would want to subscribe to this blog simply to flame gonzo. Constructive criticism and dissection maybe, but no flame-fests. Which is another interesting difference in itself. However, the kind of discussion and debate that takes place here could be perceived by an outsider as more solid, almost professional, compared with the unfettered anarchy of a mailing list. Rambling here. sorry.

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