Tuesday, March 12, 2002


I'm glad Tom solicited comments on this because I've been pondering it too (as I told him earlier, my husband keeps inquiring what the lure is all of a sudden with what he keeps calling "internet chat rooms"). Kevin's/Dave's comment is right on. The fluid quality of online communication sets it apart to begin with, and a team blog is one of the best examples. There also are important differences that have to do with the look, feel and space of a blog - posts are distinctly "yours" in the same way an email is, but the fact that they have a permanent home makes the whole thing more tangible. The slow(er) pace of the discussion on a blog also enhances the overall experience, in my view. I don't mean to say that people are or should be self-censoring. But a little editing and consideration go a long way, however the writing is intended. Blogs lend themselves to this in ways that other online tools do not.

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