Thursday, March 14, 2002

Reading Between the Space

If what we are having here, among and within our blogs, is a conversation, then space and gaps must be considered. Conversation is an art, and some are masters. Those who master the craft listen more than they speak, hear more than they say. For bloggers, I have noticed an inherent difference in *how* we post (how often, how much time elapses between posts, how much space we leave, how we handle our "between post" selves). With conversation as an analogy, some of us are eager talkers, some of us are patient listeners. And with blogging, the silence (or lack of silence) between posts is begining to take on more meaning for me.

Some bloggers post mind-bending ideas, and then let them sit there just long enough, just the right amount of time before they post again. Their posts sit shining in the sun at the top of their blog tree like bright, plump oranges, waiting for others to pick at and enjoy. Tom Matrullo and Mike Golbycome to mind.

Some are masterful in their daily devotion--you gulp them in, a few posts at a time, and you know you can go back tomorrow for another gulp. That's Doc and that's David Weinberger and that's AKMA. The space between their posts is predictable and reassuring. The regularity of their gaps, the space between posts, means all is right with the world, the online world anyway.

Some are masters at dropping a bomb. These bloggers tend toward long, meaningful spaces between posts. You can read as much into their absence as their words. Their silence is purposeful. Reading between the lines is not discouraged. In fact, we are encouraged to take that space and weave our own tales around it. Marek and RageBoy are the masters of blog white space.

Others rush. Me. I have been rushing. I post something that's important to me, but I don't wait, stop, listen, relax, give. I have been too much about saying and not enough about listening, space, time, lapses, moments. I have been so eager. Eager for a reason. I have been covering up my own voice--the one I live with inside--by rushing forward so vehemently with my net voice. It has been essential, this exercise.

For a while I'm going to stop and listen. I have this movie I'm watching. I don't want to pay attention to it, but I have to. I'll be back in a bit. Take care of the blog.

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