Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Gee, Kevin, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Kevin, I have been impressed by your contributions here and on the Cluetrain list. I got sucked into your Father's article too and couldn't see my way clear to post about it. Complex. You have good genes. Does that constitute a post on it? :-) Thanks for offering to take up this hot-button issue of "are posts a flash in the pan or will we be able to extract them" by doing some down and dirty work on it. If I had my vote, sorry, I'd vote for the harder version, because then if we wanted to pull in quotes from the articles or other bloggers we're linking to we could. Sometimes all my post says is "See" but the word "see" is a link to a plethora of information that I wouldn't want to lose. Of course, I'm a begger, so I can't really be a chooser, can I?

Have you all seen that the MIA RageBoy points us to an article by Henry Jenkins this evening that's worth reading? YES, he actually understands our world. And if he isn't blogging yet, he should be. Use his name and link to the article. We all made enough noise for dorkvak and pushed him into the Daypop top 10. I think the least we can do is push this pro-blogging article and more probing author a little higher.

Those are my two cents, which are from Altanta, so I don't know what they're worth. Everyone uses credit cards here.

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