Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Robot heal thyself

Well, crap, Marek. The further we come in here, the further back we slide out there. Don't use the Internet? They actually tell you that? I haven't heard that at work since 1994. I understand that training and professional development budgets have all but washed away, so there's no hope of actually learning something via the workplace, but it sounds like someone's actually trying to make sure you stay stupid (uh, not "you" Marek--that's the royal "you") by *prohibiting* Internet access at work. Like, gosh, next thing they know you'll be questioning the "war effort" and the "axis of evil" and then what? You might turn into a Muslim. And then what? Well, you know what those people do. And then what? We might as well kill him before he kills us. And so it goes.

As for the robot, I'm sick. That's all. Maybe they'll strap some interchangable parts on it, and we won't need spouses either. Or teach it how to build stuff with legos and say "Yes, mother" and then we won't need kids anymore. If one of these things chugs up to me with a diet coke while I'm in a meeting, I'm taking out my pocket wrench.

how depressing.

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