Tuesday, March 19, 2002

. . . . The Final Frontier

Well, I really *wanted* to look at all those blog articles - no, really! - but I got kind of blogstracted, and I ended up looking at SkyCars and Rotary Engines instead.

Now I'm totally consumed in imagining some sort of snorkelling water craft, a really groovy swoopy rad Jetsons kind of bubble thing that can operate underwater for a couple of minutes at a time but spends most of its time on the surface. An entry for Kevins new blog perhaps? Maybe a super-cavitating lumo fashion statement model for the really obscenely over-monetarily-endowed, such as those who spend their time blogging can only dream of becoming.

But I spose the biggest give away for me was that, in spite of having some inkling that "something is going on in BlogsVille, Missouri" these guys at Fast Company persisted in popping up annoying little windows every time I moved around their site. To me that is spamming, no better than hacking (messing with *my* PC for their own ends), and closer to FuckedCompany than anything else.

animals think
they're pretty smart
shit on the ground
see in the dark

- Animals, from the album Fear of Music, by Talking Heads.

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