Wednesday, March 20, 2002

GONZOID! (and that ain't a good thing)

Everything, absolutely everything, about this bothers me. Corporations, you stupid goobers, wake UP. Please don't make us leave you. We like living split lives. It's good for the company, and it's good for our health and happiness (which, incidently, you may not care about but which is also good for the company). Don't you hear us? Don't you see us? We're not surfing porn sites. We're creating a universe over here!!! And we'd really like to have you--well the people you think are you, the ones you make buy all this spywear stuff--with us. But if not, we're happy to go on without you. We have to. That's why we all do this. We HAVE to.

The restrictions -- which range from bans on instant-messaging programs to time limits on recreational Web surfing -- are an extension of the already commonplace practice of blocking access to offensive websites in the workplace.

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