Monday, March 18, 2002

Blog-Fest at Fast Company

Fast Company is featuring a slew of articles today about blogging. I'm just starting to cruise through them, and would be more excited about doing it if this one from last month hadn't turned my stomach. According to Messrs. Mathews and Wacker, micromarkets are just little mass markets waiting for "more media coverage" to help them grow up; five-yard penalty and loss of down for jargoneering, crediting Cher for taking tattoos to "the next level," and fizzled meme attempt: "Devox." Not everything about the article is distasteful, but it's hard to get around its infomercial tone: "Now you, too, can put *Deviance* to work for you!!! With just three easy payments of $19.95, the *Secret* can be yours!!!" The authors end on a Gonzo note, so maybe I should just take an Alka-Seltzer and cut 'em a break: "The challenge to business is simple: Think deviant. Start by finding the most deviant person you know. Take her to lunch. Do it today."

Anyway, in the current series of blog articles, the "Devox" who inspired this blog is listed as one of Fast Company's contributing bloggers, along with David Wienberger, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, John Ellis and Heath Row.

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