Monday, December 03, 2001

"Stayin' Alive" i.e. to keep from being dropped as a lurker, I have a couple of responses to recent posts. Firstly, Jeneane, I totally understand the massive pull between the major 'gravity wells' of your life (mother, wife, worker, blogger). I have similar aspects to my life, and when I cross one of the Event Horizons I get pulled completely into that activity. Where this metaphor diverges from real world physics is that our individual Gravity Wells are overcome by the neighboring Gravity Wells and you get sucked from one to the other as demands mount and are met. In plain english this means that sometimes a few days go by before I can get away from other activities and do something fun, like maintaining a presence on this Blog.

And now to segue to Mike Sanders list of questions about the nature of Blogging. At first I was tempted to say "all of the above", but on closer examination I find that I need to put a scalar value to each of his parts. I also recognize that my rendering of these values is completely personal and everyone will have different notions about what Blogging is. So here goes:

A Better World: cool idea and probably true, but for me it just comes with the territory. More people talking with one another is bound to benefit all.

Build Relationships: definitely! The very idea that you can build relationships with people you would have no other reason to communicate with, and will likely never meet in the regular course of your life is a fantastic bonus. One could say much more about this topic, but I want to finish in a timely manner.

A Form of Expression: definitely again! People used to literally stand on soap-boxes in the public square and wag their tongues to all who would listen, and annoy those who don't give a damn but are forced to listen, at least at the 'noise' level. I would feel completely foolish doing that in the physical world, but in this world I can express myself and know that my haranaging will not fall on ears that would rather not listen to my babble. People will stop reading a Blog the microsecond that it becomes disinteresting to them. Those who keep reading do so because they want to.

Honor & Recognition: Possibly. If one takes a moral stand that is read by others and this affects their behavior in a positive way, then perhaps honor is served. Recognition is easier... every pass through the Blog implies some level of recognition, and some satisfaction in participating in the discourse.

Riches: Forget it... not here.... not likely...

Entertainment: In a sense because I am often amused, moved, angered, etc. by things I read in Blogs. The unique thing is that it is not a passive form of entertainment, and because each of us participates in it the level, or quality, of entertainment is altered as compared with TV or radio or any other passive form.

Okay, Jeneane, I've stuck my finger in the pie again (mmmm, tastes good), so 'Bye for now...

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