Sunday, December 02, 2001

Since I seem to be the only one blabbing this weekend, let me weigh in on Denver's idea below--the gonzo rating service. I'm not too sure there's enough to rate yet, but there is a way we could start 'endorsing' (propogating) sites that are doing it right. As you may have noticed, I can add infinitely to the left-hand menu bar. If you guys see companies or sites that "get it," I can add them to the RGE blog. When the prospects for this spread beyond our own little circle (the lockes, weinbergers, searls, norlins, etc of the cyberworld), who knows, some underwriting possibilities may even emerge. And wouldn't that be nice? I have extra space over on earthlink where my other site's hosted, so if we need to add pages/expand eventually, we can do that.

Anyway, send your favorite "hey, they get it" sites to me and I'll add when I get bunch. Or blog some other ideas, folks. Comeon, it's getting way too quiet over here.

On a related note, Don't Make Me. I'm gonna have to start dismissing people who won't pipe up. This is supposed to be a gathering, ya'll. It ain't much of a party if only two or three people are talking. So Lurkers, get busy. Fair warning--pipe up this week, or else...

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