Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Long absence acknowledged. I have been elsewhere. Gracias to Hernani for reminding us of David Weinberger's insight into the promise of voice. And to Mike for reintroducing "joy" a la Rageboy. I like to imagine that joy can arrive in the use of voice or in the sharing of it. This is not so different, to me, from what happens in reading a good book: The flash of recognition that someone, elsewhere, has had a moment in the world that echoes, shares, illuminates or transforms some moment of my own. As joys go, this is not trivial, whether in a book or on a blog, or email, or what have you. The point, in the quaint parlance of today, is that the productivity of the Net in delivering the voice-and-joy piece of the human being market outperforms the efficiency quotient of the for-profit, mass manufacturing-jollification niche generally distributed via broadcast news, entertainment & information commodities.

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