Thursday, January 10, 2002

Welcome to the paradox of technology Jeneane, the faster it does things for you the slower it seems to be because expectations are higher!

Now as far as measurements are concerned, Clay, of course you'll know that there aren't any ( or very few) in the traditional sense. That's why I personally believe that most large corporate entities won't use Gonzo Marketing to any great extent. (Sorry Chris). One of the most enduring myths of business is the world class company.I have worked for several supposedly market leaders and from the inside out they are a rat's nest of petty politiking and back-stabbing. The number of people who actually know what they are doing is limited.

I agree with your assesment of Gonzo Marketing versus SPP. But that only holds while broadcasting continues to serve up results.

The measurements I am talking about are the ones that actually serve those creative people that are actually doing the work in the big companies. I believe that the "Gut Feel" ís still the most important tool is business. When you know something is right, but can't pull out the stats to prove it. Whether you want to call that a measurement is I suppose debatable.

Othere than that I think your assessment is a very good criticism of GM. What I think GM lacks is a focus as to where it can be used. I don't believe it is univerally applicable.

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