Saturday, January 12, 2002

I live in spam city anyway... I get information on how to make a million bucks, how to improve my private parts, how to lose weight, where to buy fruit trees, zillions of messages from folks who have me on a list and are playing a bulk mail numbers game. So, a few more spams don't bother me. I'm lightning quick on the delete key. But I did read somewhere about a javascript scrambler that leaves the mailto: link functional for email porpoises, but baffles bots that are crawling the site for email addresses. Check this link and scroll down to ASS Maker (I'm not making this up... stands for Anti-Spam Script Maker). That said, I'd rather have my Sandhill Trek blog address linked at the bottom of the post than my email, because I have a target of getting as many as 2 hits a week on the blog, so it doesn't hurt to get it out there wherever possible. I was pleased as punch when Locke linked me, but unfortunately none of the other local digerati seem to have followed suit. Norlin?!? Where are ya? What about a link for your homey? I s'pose it helps that I have spent $ (US) on Locke's Literary Products and have also bowed and scraped him (actually cavilled in fact) here in cyberia. The more links that the blog gets, the more likely I am to find honest work someday and be able to feed the homeless orphans who sleep in my barn, not to mention providing them with a few sticks of kindling. I don't worry to much about feeding Fang. He seems able to live off the land...

I bought the damn Clue Train book with the rants and screeds... Amazon sez both books shipped today. Now that I've actually paid for a copy of Clue Train, maybe I can guilt trip one of those co-authors into some gratuitous blog rolling.

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