Friday, January 11, 2002

meme to your mother

Well, it's been an exciting week here in the wonderful world of blogsnia for me. First, my copy of Bombast transversed its way across three states to my doorstep (you can follow its journey a few posts back). Holy Crap I really did make it on the back cover, an honor I haven't found a way to thank RB for yet. Suggestions are welcome. The more twisted the better. I was so thrilled I got weak kneed over the whole thing. I haven't dug in to the book yet, I've been too busy Bombasting in the glory. But this weekend it's me and the book.

AND the fun doesn't end there.

Yours truly is officially noted as propagator #1 of a bonafide movement in blogwear. According to Gary Turner, a great blogger and now famous creator of, my use of his "Blog Is a Four Letter Word" sticker over on Allied was the first Interblog use of one of his now highly-sought-after BlogStickers. How cool is that??? (Notice, I added one to our illustrious blog as well. I hope you like the choice.) [a post post note: gary made that sticker special for us, in what he calls our "team colors"!]

That's all for now. Gotta go pay some attention to the rest of my life now.

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